"A huge thank you to Astraline callsafe. My mother was distressed and having a sudden angina attack in the early hours of the morning. They were fantastic. They reassured her until the paramedics and I arrived. She is now back home and I am so grateful to Astraline callsafe."

Mr McMullen, Bury

Emergency Alarms For Elderly People

Emergency alarms for the elderly are vital in helping people to retain their independence. And, they also help to ensure that vital commodity – true peace of mind – for friends and loved ones. CallSafe Emergency alarms are failsafe, cost-effective and easy to set up.

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About Callsafe's Emergency Alarm System for Elderly Persons

One press of a button is all it takes. Help will soon be at hand because your press on the Alarm Button will activate an SOS call to our telecare team, who will immediately call you back.

The team know who has activated their Emergency alarm and they have that person's medical records at their fingertips. If the person is close to their elderly care alarm unit, then they will be able to speak to a telecare advisor who can get them the help they need. If not, then relevant keyholders will be contacted and if required, medical care will be sent as soon as possible.

The reassurance such an efficient SOS alarm system provides the elderly or infirm is incalculable

The 3 simple steps of Emergency Alarm Services For The Elderly

Emergency Alarms for Elderly People

Step 1 – Press the Emergency alarm button on your pendant, wrist band or base unit. This alerts the SOS care response team

Emergency Alarms for Elderly Persons

Step 2 – Immediate response from the 24/7 telecare Emergency team via the two way intercom on the unit

Emergency Alarms for Elderly Persons - Buy Now

Step 3 – Help is on its way already. If you are unable to talk into your base alarm unit, then your designated key holders will have been contacted – people that you trust with your well-being such as relatives or neighbours. The emergency services will also be contacted if you require medical attention.

Easy to Install Emergency Personal Alarm For the Elderly

Given the massive potential benefits of our emergency alarm monitored services, you may think that they would be tricky to install. But, a real benefit of Callsafe's Emergency alarm system is its ease of installation.

Both the alarm base unit and emergency pendants come pre-programmed with a unique id, so all you need to do is plug and go. The emergency alarm system is plugged into your mains and telephone line, which need to be no more than ten feet apart.

The telephone line needs to be operated by BT for the SOS alarm system to work effectively or a company using BT's infrastructure. All you need to do is call us with what you are using and we will be able to tell you whether its suitable.

How to install Callsafe's SOS alarms - video

"video for how elderly emergency alarms work"Installing our telecare emergency alarm system couldn't be easier. If you want to install the unit yourself, we provide easy instructions in a welcome booklet that comes with your Emergency alarm system. A short video produced can be viewed by clicking here.

Stylish Emergency Alarms For Elderly People

Becoming elderly can sometimes be particularly annoying if people treat you differently.

At Callsafe we know people don't necessarily think 'elderly' which is why we've designed one of the most stylish Emergency Alarm systems on the market, which effortlessly fits in to your home's surroundings.

The base unit of the alarm system is only about the size of a small answering machine and can sit on a table near the phone or be wall mounted. There's also back-up battery power in the unlikely event of a power cut.

And, there's real flexibility as to where you want to wear your emergency alarm – as a wristband, necklace or pendant.

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Summary of Callsafe's Emergency Alarm System for the Elderly

Personal alarm service

UK telephone response team, 24/7

Sleek modern transmitter

Slimline personal touch pendant alarm

Discreet wristband

Use the personal alarm around the home

Wide reach into the garden

Simple to order

Easy installation

An individual service to suit you

Competitive pricing on our personal alarms

Not for profit organisation – any profit we do make goes to "Johnnie" Johnson Housing

About us

Astraline Callsafe is a not-for-profit provider of emergency alarm services, usually known as telecare. We have ten years experience of 24/7 responsive support to the elderly and those in need.

As part of "Johnnie" Johnson Housing Trust, we are committed to providing community lead solutions and any profits we do make, go straight back into the communities we serve.